No matter how great your Standards and Procedures may be, they represent an opportunity lost if they are not effectively communicated, implemented, monitored and measured.

Training Scope gives you the opportunity to manage your Standards and Procedures, and your staff training and certification in real time.

01 - Standards and Procedures.
Standards and Procedures (SNPs) are created for every important task. some will even be created at the corporate level, while others will be established at the branch level. These are maintained in the central SNP repository, where they can be recalled at any time.

02 - Position Training Profiles.
A Position Training Profile (PTP) is developed at the branch level for every position and this is entered into the system. SNPs are simply recalled from the central SNP repository and added to the PTP with one click. This fast tracks the generation of PTPs when creating new PTP's or perhaps preparing for the opening of new operations where the same or similar positions will be required.

03 - Rating Staff Performance.
The PTP contains a reference line for each and every SNP that the staff member needs to know. So the staff member and their mentors can quickly see exactly what they are required to be able to do. Their mentor can rate the staff members performance to the required SNPs, and easily update their PTP with the status of their training effort.

04 - Certification.
Training Scope tracks and records the required training and certification, and monitors that staff member's training progress.

05 - Reporting.
The central data repository enables a range of reports that identify the status of training not only in the business as a whole, but also at each department within the business and within defined regional areas.

06 - Multilayered System.
Training Scope is multilayered. The system cand be configured to allow for up to 8 levels within any organisation including Head Office, Regional Office, Property, Department etc...

07 - Accessability
Training Scope is delivered via the internet and can be ported into a company intranet, web portal, or can simply be accessed directly via SNPNet. All participants are issued with a username and password which is assigned their authorised access rights, so participants can only access the content and level that they have authority to access.

08 - Security
The central repository resides in a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and can only be accessed with an appropriate username and password. The security is bank strength.

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